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BEATS Add hybrid SMTP capabilities

I think your email service should have an option NOT be forced to use your email servers. Allow your customers to use your software but to send emails with a third party SMTP service like Amazon SES, Sendgrid, ElasticMail, Mailjet etc.

And or allow us to use our own email servers to deliver our email while we use your Zaxaa BEATS technology.

This way if for some reason your servers are having general poor deliverability we can easily switch to a different 3rd party SMTP provider.

At the moment I cannot use BEATS because your email deliverability is quite bad in my tests. And the truth is even with companies like Aweber they have periods where their email deliverability goes way down because they get on a number of blacklists.

The modern way to email is to never be stuck with just one company's email servers. Because they can (and they will) go bad and then you're screwed.

An ideal email solution would allow for multiple ways to get your emails delivered so if your servers are tanking it's no problem at all.

No need to switch to an entirely new Email Service Provider ESP. Which is a major pain and time waster for someone who has many email lists and signup forms on many different pages and websites.

There are companies that do something like this. However, they usually do not also provide their own servers. Though at least one company I know did. But I don't see that as an issue. There can be different pricing set up on whether we use BEATS servers or not.

Here are some SAS email companies that give you this option to use outside SMTP providers. There are more than these though.


In this day and age it's really crazy not to have alternatives because any email software becomes 100% useless if emails do not get delivered to the inbox.

And currently that is exactly what is happening with Zaxaa BEATS. Although I know they are working very hard to improve the reputation of their servers and are in communication with the ISPs to properly white list them.

But if I switched to BEATS at this present time, I'd quickly see a MAJOR drop in my open rate and sales because of extremely poor inboxing.

However if you allowed us to use outside or third party email delivery solutions like Amazon SES I could be using BEATS now. And I'd likely NEVER have to switch to a new email platform in the future.

The only reason I ever switched to Aweber years ago was because they had the best email deliverability that I was aware of at the time. But that has not been the case with them over the last two years. Their delivery has gone down quite a bit. So we need multiple email delivery options so that we can always have a choice that is delivering high quality email inboxing.

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