Create Way Affiliates Can Promoting A Free Product (Optin Squeeze Page)
Currently, there is still no way for an affiliate to promote a free product.. That is for affiliates to send people to a zaxaa Squeeze page (free product).. I ask that you consider implementing this ability.. Thanks Chris

Chris Atkinson shared this idea 31/08/17 06:59
Yanuar Dwie Prakoso 10/11/17 05:47 flag comment
Hi Chris, This workaround actually is already supported in Zaxaa. An affiliate can promote a free product with this workaround: 1. Seller attach free product to front-end product. 2. Affiliates send a request to promote seller's front-end product and grab their affiliate link. 3. Affiliates start to promote seller's front-end product. With that workaround, the customer will be directed to the free product that you attach to the front-end product before they get the main offer.